Customer notice: DGHP becomes Wheatley Homes South

As of 10 October 2022, Dumfries and Galloway Housing Partnership (DGHP) will be relaunched under the name Wheatley Homes South.

When DGHP tenants were approached, the majority were in favour of the name change and becoming Wheatley Homes South gives us the opportunity for a more unique identity in our communities, especially given the extra services we have as part of Wheatley Group. This includes employability programmes, neighbourhood environmental services, tenancy support and fuel and welfare advice.

    You will notice some other changes straight away, including:

    • changes to emails you'll get from staff - it will come from ‘…@wheatleyhomes-south’ rather than ''
    • a new logo on our website, social media channels and on our policies and guidelines;
    • updates to our adverts.

    After the launch on 28 September, you may notice some changes do not happen right away and you may continue to see DGHP branding in the short term. Do not worry though as we will make these changes soon, including:

    • our new logo on signs and in our buildings in your community;
    • our new logo on uniforms and on our vehicles. We’ll also only change staff uniforms with the new name and logo as and when they need replaced to ensure best value for money;
    • changes to our IT systems; and
    • changes to the name of our bank account.

    However, some things we know are important to you will remain unchanged:

    • no change to your landlord, housing officer or tenancy agreement;
    • no change to how you pay your rent – even if you pay by direct debit, there is no change you need to make; and
    • no change to any services you currently access, such as welfare support or fuel advice.

    Since joining Wheatley Group in 2019, millions of pounds in upgrades and improvements to more than 4000 homes have been made, along with the introduction of Neighbourhood Environmental Teams and a host of wraparound support services for customers.