Michael Greaves Mackintosh

Michael Greaves Mackintosh

First appointed 28 September 2017

Michael Greaves Mackintosh, from Eaglesfield, has trained as a youth volunteer, created a radio station for young people and has a regular slot as a DJ at a local nightclub in Dumfries. He is passionate about equalities and is committed to ensuring that DGHP supports all disabilities, physical and mental, addictions and the homeless.

Interests outside of Wheatley Group:

  • User & Carer Involvement – Non- Executive Director
  • LGBT Plus Dumfries and Galloway- Chair
  • DG Voice – Non- Executive Director
  • Dumfries Day Centre for Older People – Non-Executive Director
  • DG Voice – Non Executive Director
  • LGBT Borders Equality - Non- Executive Director
  • Dumfries and Galloway Mental Health Association - Non- Executive Director

Intra-Group  Appointments:

  • Wheatley  Foundation - Non-Executive Director
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