My tenancy

We want all of our tenants to be proud of their home and their community.

Find out about the ways we keep areas clean and tidy – and what you can do to be a good neighbour.

Rights and responsibilities

Your Tenancy Agreement lets you know how to be a good tenant and neighbour.

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What is anti-social behaviour?

It's not just loud music, parties and illegal dumping.

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Reporting anti-social behaviour

You don't have to suffer anti-social behaviour. Report it today.

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Changes to my tenancy

Do you need to make changes to your tenancy? Let us know.

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Ending my tenancy

Do you want to move out of your home? Get in touch today.

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Customer service

We're all about giving you a great service. Here's what to expect from us.

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Significant Performance Failures

What significant performance failures are and how and when to report them.

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Zero tolerance on abuse

As an organisation, we have a zero-tolerance approach for abuse towards our staff.

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Annual visits for our tenants

We want you to feel safe and happy at home - and our annual visits play an important part in this.

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