Start a Registered Tenants Organisation

Registered Tenant Organisations (RTOs)

Male housing officer sitting with a female customer both looking at an iPad tablet

Through our customer engagement framework, Stronger Voices, Stronger Communities, and our customer voice programme we ensure that our customers are involved in our decision-making and can get involved in shaping and improving Wheatley Homes South services.

Wheatley Homes South will engage with all our tenant and resident groups whether registered or not, and support groups to become a Registered Tenant Organisation (RTO) should they wish to do so.

If you would like to set up an RTO and would like more information on how to do this in your community, get  in  touch with our Customer First Centre 24/7 on 0800 011 3447.

An RTO is an independent organisation set up to represent tenants’ interests on housing and related issues. Becoming registered involves an extra level of commitment and establishes a regulated agreement with Wheatley Homes South, giving your tenants’ group a legal right to be consulted on housing policy related changes.

If there are currently no Registered Tenant Organisations in your area, you may wish to set one up. An RTO must meet certain terms and conditions as laid out in our new RTO application form. This new process supersedes all previous version of RTO agreements.

Click here to complete the RTO application form.

You can get further guidance on starting an RTO here.