Gas and electricity: useful advice

Our fuel advisors will be working from home during the current situation with Coronavirus.

Don’t worry, they are still available to help you over the phone or via email.

But there are some things you can do which may help you during this time.

Pay As You Go - Key and Card meters

If you have a key or a card meter, you should top up your meter as soon as possible with as much as you can afford.

You should also contact your supplier, as suppliers have plans in place to help customers through this period.

A list of suppliers’ phone numbers is included below.

Pre-pay smart meter

If you have a pre-pay smart meter, you should still be able to top up online or via the suppliers’ apps. If there any problems with this, you should contact your supplier in the first instance.

You can also ask the supplier to change the meter into billing mode until things get back to normal.

Payment cards

If you use a payment card, you should contact your supplier to find out if payment plans are being suspended or if there are alternative arrangements in place.

Dry/credit meter

If you have a dry/credit meter – that is, if you pay by bill or Direct Debit – the current situation with the Coronavirus shouldn’t affect you.

Remember, our fuel advisors are always available to help you over the phone.

Here are some useful websites and phone numbers.

To find out who your electricity supplier is, phone 03301 010 300.

To find out who your gas supplier is, phone 08706 081 524.

You can also visit

Here are some helpful phone numbers: